NATURAL WAYS was founded in memory of Dr. Richard Dahout to assist people in restoring and maintaining their health and well being. Dr. Dahout was fond of saying, "The most natural and effective remedy for disease is to restore your health."

Mary Dahout is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has been in health care for over 25 years. Mary has helped thousands of people "follow their doctor’s orders" while enjoying delicious, inexpensive and simple-to-prepare homemade food.

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When you eat whole foods, you get a natural source of vitamins and minerals. This source feeds your glands and creates better health. Natural Ways offers individual and group instruction to support you in your quest for better health.

Natural Ways carries an extensive inventory of professional-quality nutritional supplements, which can be shipped to your door. Our goal is to supply you with the products and information that help you live the healthy life you desire. Your inquiries and special orders for your pets and the entire family are welcomed. Please refer to the links on the left for additional valuable information.

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Eating Right Is Simple™ instruction was designed to educate health-conscious people about the effects food has upon their body chemistry.Practical knowledge is given on how to shop, choose, and prepare foods, which help people become more self-sufficient with respect to their healthcare needs. Instruction is available for groups and individuals, in person or by phone. This instruction is unique and provides ideas for fast & healthy food preparation.
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