For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Mary at (619) 275-2293.
Whenever I have a health or food related question I always go to Mary first. She has a broad knowledge of holistic and alternative health care ranging from digestive disorders to food allergies to pediatric care. She has also provided me with the best orthotics by Foot Levelers. She has a machine that you step on that scans your feet and you get very high tech, personalized orthotics that have been a lifesaver for my whole body. Mary carries a vast array of high-quality supplements that I have used for many years. Some of the most helpful are the herbs used to help with symptoms of PMS as well as the healthy essential Omega oils that affect mood and hormones. I would (and do!) recommend any or all of Mary’s health related knowledge, products and services to my friends and family.
— A.M.

Mary has been my most important resource with health-related issues for the past twenty-one years. I feel extremely fortunate to have her as a partner in maintaining my health. She is always learning about new, health-enhancing products, & is a delightful inspiration to me for naturally improving my lifestyle. From Mary I have received, among other things, advice about supplements to address specific problems, general health-enhancing supplements, microscopic consultations to assess the health of my blood, practical advice for living a healthier life, & I have learned easy-to-prepare delicious healthful foods. My overall health & energy are great – largely due to her. She has helped me to naturally overcome some medical conditions for which I would otherwise be on serious medication for the rest of my life! I was worried that, when I moved to another state, I would lose some of the support I receive from her. She continues, however, to assist me long-distance, & is great about mailing me products, supplements, etc. I would heartily & happily recommend Mary’s services to anyone interested in leading a healthier, more energetic lifestyle!
— C.D.
Mary works from a holistic perspective; she believes in the body’s own ability to heal itself once we provide it with what it needs. From this perspective, Mary works with you to find the products, diet and lifestyle changes that create conditions for your healing and better living. Mary has been devoted to nutrition as a form of healing for many decades so she is a wealth of knowledge of products, their quality, and how they can be helpful. She is compassionate in understanding health challenges and stays patient in working to solutions that work, as well as fit with your lifestyle and preferences. Mary is a phenomenal chef dedicated to using the freshest, locally-produced, sustainable, organic food sources to create balanced, delicious, and healing meals; she teaches you how to simply do this in your own home for yourself.
— Camala B.
Spending time with Mary and learning about living a healthy lifestyle has dramatically changed my perspective about staying fit and healthy. My understanding about staying healthy was all about dieting by going on ‘lemonade’ fasts. Mary’s advice about making the right food choices is very practical, sensible and affordable for maintaining a strong and healthy body.
— D.D.
Mary’s expert advice and knowledge is practiced with great guidance. She really cares and it’s why I keep coming to her time and time again. She’s the only one I trust. If you’re looking for health, Mary should be your first call. Mary has helped me transition to vegetarian eating in a safe and natural way.
— Emily H.
I’m not one of those people who thinks things have to be complicated to work, yet I’m amazed at the positive outcome I experienced from the most simple basic approach I learned through Mary Dahout’s Natural Ways. I had symptoms including sleep problems, very low energy, digestive issues and more. Practitioners were suggesting everything from parasites to much worse as the cause, and the remedies seemed worse than the symptoms. Then a friend suggested I try something basic and easy. When she told me it had to do with meal preparation, I thought, “No way, I’m a terrible cook.” But I went ahead and gave it a try. Thank goodness! It was so simple, easy and inexpensive, as well as highly effective and beneficial. Do yourself a favor and contact Mary Dahout – you’ll thank me later.
— Karen
I have been receiving Mary Dahout’s services for almost 5 years now. Mostly ordering nutritional supplements from her, and only recently meeting her in the last year. Mary has always provided me with the most punctual, and thoughtful services. What I mean by punctual is that when I leave a message on her voicemail for a supplement, it arrives at my home within two days. I was doing this for four years before I even met Mary as I lived out of town. My sister referred me. Finally, when I moved to San Diego, I was able to schedule an appointment with Mary, which she so made herself available. She even cooked with me for more time, and took the time to truly educate me. Mary cares. She sends handouts of information even with supplements because she wants people to live a healthy life, not just with food, but spiritually and emotionally. We are not just physical beings, but our makeup consists of the emotional, spiritual and intellectual. Thank you Mary!!!
— Maria D.
Mary Dahout has been the one I turn to for nutritional advice and healthy cooking ideas for almost 30 years. I am continually impressed by her depth and breadth of knowledge about nutritional information and the effects of foods on our bodies. Mary has a great knowledge of the quality of supplements and has access to the best resources, so I order all my supplements from her. Her diagnostic tools (live blood analysis, urine analysis, etc.) helps me keep an eye on how well my body is functioning (identifying nutritional or digestive deficiencies, anemia, presence of fungus, mold and micro-organisms, level of free radicals). She is a great resource for nutritional information, nutritional supplements and healthy lifestyle support and I highly recommend her advice to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life.
— Michelle Leahy, ClHom
Mary’s guidance on formulating a personalized diet for me has dramatically improved my health and overall energy level. Her knowledge of natural supplements has been very helpful to me. She is a treasure and I’m grateful for her consultation services.
— Renee have been of such a great help to me. Your expert advice and guidance have been invaluable to me and I am in better health because of it!
— S.H.
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